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Re: Pain and control in Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu

So why does a martial arts teacher not say, "What are you doing? Get up off the floor, you are embarassing yourself and your entire family down to the fifth generation.
E-G-O, and lack of concern for their students in allowing "themselves" to just enjoy the fun. People can try and qualify it any way they like. It is what it is, and most experienced men- see it for what it is.

There are ways to train Aiki to assure honesty that leads to a path that will deepen skills that most men will never attain in their life time, but in order to go down that road; you have to be willing to fail over and over, and fail against your own students-when you train them to grow increasingly in aiki, then train with strangers who will attack all out with a vested interested in tuning you.
In fact it is that very training that will deepen the real power in the art. At a certain point the men with power need to walk away from having people take any kind of ukemi for them. Anything other than all out resistance will continue to weaken you and make you a lesser man.
I found some of the comments by Sagawa particularly poignant. Over and over I felt a kinship with his mentality; he simply would just…not…stop, till he solved every riddle, every failure and dilemma he encountered. I'm not going to bother with quotes or keys to ways to train that he hinted at, or to discuss things I bet he missed and probably never saw because he didn't go down certain roads that would have deepened his skills even more. People aren't ready to hear it.

IME, Daito ryu will forever remain a shadow of what it is truly capable of in the modern age. It cannot be attained with their current training models. Were they to consider altering their training models, the study would proceed to an ever increasing burning in of the essential body skills contained within the art to effect change in very substantial ways. In the process the art would once again prove to be a powerhouse in any venue; Koryu weapons, modern weapons, and in MMA.

There is a way to take the Aiki in the art of Daito ryu beyond the best the Japanese have to offer, but the Japanese are not capable of doing it that I've ever felt, heard or seen. And I don't feel bad about it. When I hear the umbrage from certain people in the art when the videos are critiqued and judged on-line, I am always surprised:
They train they way they do
And they film it.
What sort of reaction do they expect from an increasingly educated world wide community? And how on earth can they be so suprised? They've done it to themselves.

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