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Re: Pain and control in Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu

Christian Moses wrote: View Post
I have heard a first hand account of Okamoto saying (in the middle of a seminar demonstration), "I'm not hurting them, I have no idea why they're doing this..."
Eric Joyce wrote: View Post
To reference a term from Ellis's book HIPS, what the ukes may be suffering from is DRAS (Daito Ryu Accommendation Syndrome).
Mike Braxton wrote: View Post
I was listening to one koryu jujitsu person who is very legit from a different style. He stated that he had attended some DR seminars and when the DR sensei stopped the technique he would just stand up ready for more yet the DR sensei's students were still wiggling around. He asked the DR sensei what's going on and the DR sensei said that he had no idea why the his students were acting the way they were.
Hmm, barring any offers of direct experience, the 2nd/3rd hand anecdotal accounts seem to be strongly suggesting that the reactions are mostly a case of BS and over-acting. this is quite sad really. i'm still waiting to hear someone credible argue otherwise but i'm restarting to be disillusioned...
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