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Re: teachers who don't speak

I like this traditional way of teaching. I also know that like was stated before, Americans need to have things explained to them verbally especially the younger generation. My sensei has me teaching officially now since I'm getting up in the high kyus. I will use both versions. I told my dojo that I won't talk so that they can get introduced to the Japanese way of things since this is a Japanese martial art and that I really want to bring them to Honbu without them having the expense. This way they have to concentrate on what I'm actually doing. The entire technique, and not just the fun part at the end when you get to hit or throw uke. You find out who is really paying attention teaching this way. But I will talk when I want to explain a particular point in the technique. The talking is so that they can learn where this part of the technique came from or is trying to do and that I want them to focus on this particular point in the techniqe.
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