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Also, I don't know what you mean by different technique. You have to be careful with Aikido because there are many reasons why a technique is done a certain way which aren't apparent initially. This includes:

1. getting your body in a good position (e.g. if the technique fails or if you are attacked with a weapon)
2. opening up certain pressure/vital points on the opponent whilst protecting your own
3. not damaging your body!
4. maximising your use of power
5. enabling fluid movement so that you can deal with multiple attackers (i.e. if you pull people in to you too much it is easy to get into a locked situation)
6. the idea of the 'potential' of a technique i.e. just 'cos we don't harm someone doesn't mean we can't (the techniques being derived from damaging/lethal aiki-jitsu techniques).

I think everyone has there own way of doing things, but as an instructor the diffculty (and benefit) is to realise WHY you are doing something one way rather than another and whether that is good or bad; discussing this and training with other senseis is also important if you have overlooked anything.

I can't say that my technique is really that different from my original dojo - in fact when I went back there this Xmas I noticed they had changed more than me!

Hope this helps,

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