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Re: Kotodama vs Kototama

As far as I remember syllables with voiced consonants in kototama theory have a different meaning... I remember once seeing a kototama chart with the syllables grouped into 3 categories: 濁音, 陰の正音 and 陽の正音 - and the だ syllable was listed in the 濁音 section, while た was under 陽の正音. Reading through the Takemusu Aiki material however, (a text considered by many the most reliable source of Ōsensei's ideas) I encountered both the ことだま and the ことたま pronunciations (written in kana). So, either Hideo Takahashi (the transcriber of the lectures) did not hear the difference, or Ōsensei used the two pronunciations interchangeably. Or maybe, the difference somehow depends on the context, but I was unable to figure out how...
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