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New Uchideshi Program in Virginia

Posted 2007-11-11 16:59:23 by Aviv Goldsmith
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Aikido in Fredericksburg (Virginia, USA) is pleased to announce that it now offers an uchideshi program. Uchideshi (live-in students) have the opportunity for intensive training supervised by our 5th dan Chief Instructor and senior students. With the opportunity to train 14 hours per week or more, progress in aikido to shodan and beyond can be swift. Beginners and advanced students of aikido can participate. Reasonable costs for comfortable housing and dojo dues can be bartered for those with certain skills including building trades, marketing, landscaping, videography. You'll need reliable transportation, health insurance, and an open mind. As an uchideshi, you will challenge yourself, have fun, meet new people, and learn traditional aikido.

Contact for more info.

Gambatte kudesai.

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