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Re: Resistant Knife Training 1 (video)

I think your [more] realistic knife scenarios are going to be:
A. Present and confront (a scenario of drawing with intent to intimidate)
B. Occlude and assault (a scenario of drawing with intent to harm)
I am not sure "thrust and resist" fits into a category of practicality, and probably some knife people would contend that as a basic strategy in general - I have never heard a knife person use the word "resist" in knife play. If anything, they are less resistant... The vid sounds like its trying to describe responses related to a knife hold up gone bad, where your attacker presented a knife to intimidate compliance and has little skill to use the knife when the threat fails. I think this is a fair scenario because maybe people who commit this assault do not have training in using a knife. But, the scenario is completely different than a competent knife assault. You may need to clarify that scenario if that is what you are trying to describe.

Your description, "demonstrating the difference between effective offensive knife disarm, and ineffective defensive knife disarm," is somewhat inconsistent because you really only cover the groundwork to layout your claim, which is offensive knife disarming works. You never really cover the limitations of what you did, nor the successes of "defensive" responses. Kinda comes off with a clear bias. I think in this thread you do a better job of explaining that conceptually, you are entering. If that's the case, then offense and defense are probably not the right terms to frame the discussion. In fact, since everything we do in aikido should always be entering, your portrayal of defensive strategy is almost fictitious since you are certainly not doing aikido (which otherwise would have aiki, which requires entering). Does that make sense?

I would place a strong emphasis that this is conceptual work, not applied. I think I agree with a number of comments that imply this is not a good video to show success with this work. Even with an attacker who appears to be uncomfortable holding a knife and a defined attack strategy inconsistent with knife work, you make a lot of contact with the weapon in most of the scenario exercises. Also, you finish very few of the scenarios, even showing a little difficulty seizing the weapon during your control. I think you need to finish those controls to improve your portrayal of definite control during the attack with a clear conclusion.

While not as gruesome as some other vids, I do like this product:
If we had a Christmas list, this would be on it. Although, I am pretty sure you now have to get certified to even buy one of these things, let alone use...

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