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Re: On being Female in an Aikido Dojo

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The thing is though, we get treated a hell of a lot differently. Our experience isn't that much different (he has a few months on me) yet I get treated with a lot less...respect I dare say. I'm rarely called up for ukemi for example. People always assume (within the same kyu rank) that the males have senority over me- even if they JUST got promoted to that rank. And most of all, people act like I am going to break. Hilarious really, since I'm just as tall as the average man with a muscular build; I'm not skinny in the least.
You know your dojo better than I, but with specific respect to the ukemi, you may get somewhere by asking, respectfully, "I noticed that you tend to call other people a lot more than you call me for ukemi. What do I need to do to improve my ukemi so that I can be called up more?"

Again, with regards to the "acting like you're going to break", you may have good results by saying "I'd like to work on taking falls from a little harder throw; would you mind?"
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