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Allen Beebe
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Re: Nippon Disaster

Dear Mr. Barron,

It is my understanding based on what I've heard from family within Sendai City and those that made it to Sendai City from outside, that most, if not all, internet is down in the region. Most if not all of the cellular system is down in the region. Only emergency access is allowed on the roads that are passable. There is no train service. There is limited land line communication I assume because I believe this is how my family were able to communicate.

I was also told that NTT has been restricting incoming calls in an understandable effort to enhance essential internal communication.

I have had internet contact with friends outside of Sendai though.

As you are aware, this is a developing emergency situation of historical proportion and as such necessary emergency protocols (triaging resources, etc.) are, and should be, in place.

I hope you hear something soon and that the news is good.


~ Allen Beebe
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