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In Yoseikan Aikido the Aikikai's standard Koshi Nage is called Koshi Gaeshi (Hip Overturning) and is different to Judo's Ogoshi as mentioned above. Uke in Koshi Gaeshi is 90 degrees to Nage and he is thrown across both hips where as the standard Ogoshi uke and Nage are parallel and uke is thrown over one hip. But in Aikikai any throw using the hip is called Koshi Nage little distinction is made.

If possible look at this clip

[URL deleted due to copyrighted material]

[URL deleted due to copyrighted material]

The first technique is the Koshi Gaeshi, then Shiho Nage Koshi Gaeshi, then Sode Tsurikomi Goshi, then Seoi Nage (which is still referred to as a Koshi Nage in some Aikido schools) and lastly another standard Koshi Gaeshi.

It is the same clip the first one is quick time and the second is real player.

So I suppose in answer to the original question any one of the 11 (?) judo Koshi waza can be Koshi Nage in Aikido.

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