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Re: Short INFORMAL video of some of my stuff (frame based waza)

Lots here, but I'll offer a few responses.

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post

I don't want to argue or quarrel! I just come again and again to the same point each time I read about IT oder Aunkai specific practice. or whateve it is called the right way.
Please notice that there is no such thing where I live an practice.
No worries, all fair questions. Let's both realize that there's nothing I can say in a forum or do in a video to dismiss all doubt, so with that said...

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It's not about being basic versions or about being one version among countless others. But you show both basic version of technique on a verry, verry beginners level. (footwork, positioning, where you have your arms ...)
So this execution of this form of this basic techniques in my eyes can't be used to compare it to whatever you want to compare it.

Then showing "your" technique you work a lot more in an advanced way. You move a lot more like it would be expected of someone who is doing Aikido on a more advanced level.
(Again footwork. using knees and shoulders, moving from the centers of the body and not with the arms ...)
Certainly one of the problems with videos in general and what I did in particular. Again the first part is basic to give context to the next part. I would say that what I'm doing in the second parts LOOKS like some Aikido, but FEELS and (most importantly) is accomplished differently. I don't know if there are enough words out there to go through all the reasons why, but that's my OPINION.

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Please excuse me! I don't know the graduation you hold in Aikido and I don't know the shihan you learned from.
I apologize very much.
No need for apologies, you're rightly looking for context. I don't want to write a whole resume, but I received my shodan from direct students of Kurita Minouru Shihan (one of Osensei's Uchideshi, also influeced by Saito Sensei and Nishio Sensei). I then trained under Kimberly Richardson Sensei who trained under Mary Heiny Sensei with influences from Tom Reed, Saotome Sensei, Ikeda Sensei and others. She promoted me to nidan in 2002. For the last six years I've trained under Neil Yamamoto, the head of Icho Ryu aikibudo in a small group setting. Neil doesn't offer rank anymore so I haven't been promoted since I was at Two Cranes Aikido. You mention Yamaguchi, I assume you're referring to Seigo Yamaguchi sensei? I do have hands on time with Takeda Yoshinobu Sensei who was one of (the?) senior students of Yamaguchi sensei. I was never a student of his but I have been to a week long seminar, a few guest classes and visited his dojo in Yokohama. I've taken ukemi from him and some of his senior guys. I mention this just for some potential context.

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Do you do this deliberately?
You mean do I hide my training background deliberately? No. Ask if you want more detail.

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So: What can be shown this way? How can I get what you like me to get, if it can't be communicated by a video?

And well, if you move showing "Aikido" structured like a beginner and you move showing "your technique" like a more experienced or advanced practioner (in our nomenclatur) i nevertheless have to believe that these differences are not of importance?
Initially I was just going to post this to a private forum for other Aunkai practitioners. A lot of these context questions wouldn't really matter there since I've met some of them and we all share some common frames of reference. At the last minute I decided to throw it out generally. I really don't care what you believe. It's not a promotional video, nor an instructional video. It's intended as part of an ongoing conversation with other people exploring similar training methods. If someone outside of that conversation finds something interesting, then that's awesome. But that was never the goal of this vid.

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
So if it's not about technique and not about youf body structure what can I see in your video?
Well, I would say that it is partly about body structure. If you see that or not is hard to say. I would wager Mark, Dan or Rob saw something about body structure in the video (even if some of what they saw was something negative) they probably saw something.

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Technical question:
Can you get the same use out of your back arm when relaxing it or do you have to strech it out?
Very good question. The answer is I can sometimes get a similar support to the cross without the other arm outstretched and that's my goal, but I'm still working up to being able to maintain the cross just as stably no matter what the arms are doing. It's a training tool, and I am usually stronger with the arm extended. In the Iriminage, the arms are not extended into the cross after the beginning of the technique, but the cross is still behind my movements and why Jeremy goes down so fast. It also may be hard to see, but the iriminage is actually a sequence of three specific atemi using the cross.

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Well, that's the same what we here some times. But we are just also doing aikido.
Are there teachers doing "Yamaguchi Aikido" (don't like that term) in the US?
Having felt Takeda Sensei, I would say that this is quite a bit different from what you feel in Yamaguchi style Aikido, my opinion certainly, but that's all I can offer over the web.

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