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Re: Short INFORMAL video of some of my stuff (frame based waza)

Hi Chris, thanks for posting the vid. I think it is really important for the future of aikido for people to be doing this kind of "body research" and to be showing others.
I like it as a demonstration of "non-internally powered aikido" vs "internally powered aikido using the aunkai method." One thing that troubles me though is that we as readers/community have to recognize that this is what the video is for, rather than being a general non-internal vs internal aikido.

Put another way: if Morihei Ueshiba posted a vid to illustrate his "what you people are doing is not aikido!!" comment, what would it look like? He could show what not to do (might look like the aikido versions in Chris' video). Then, when he shows what TO do, it would not look like Chris' aunkai method aikido, yet it would be another form of internally-powered aikido, I think we can all agree. In other words, the shapes/forms that he left us are in line with his method of internal strength-- that's why he could execute the waza that way.

So, we could do research and make vids of putting all kinds of internal strength methods into aikido throws. They would all be rewarding. But if we trained in whatever secret/not-so-secret ways that O-sensei trained, we should also be able to make a vid of non-internal aikido vs O-sensei's internally-powered aikido.

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Technical question:
Can you get the same use out of your back arm when relaxing it or do you have to strech it out?
I like this question. It is what I am talking about. O-sensei was FOR SURE getting fascial torque across the cross, but his forms look the way they do. So I think in general, maybe there are lots of ways to do certain things, so that O-sensei and Akuzawa were in some ways doing the same things (like torque across the cross), but using different methods of getting those things (one using arm extended and one not so much).

Don't know really, just thinking out loud.
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