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Ai symbol How do Aiki translates to you?

At first, for me, I saw the kanji and , which I assume the first explains the latter. It's like no , but sometimes the "no" is understood, so they just say . Which then translates to, "Spirit of Harmony".

It is not until, I took ki-no-kenkyukai classes that the sensei starts talking about Aikido as "the way to union with ki". Then it occured to me, I was or maybe still is of Japanese animation, and this reminds me of the word "gattai" in super robot animations. The word "gattai" is written with and the second kanji is the kanji for body, which means "the joining of bodies" -> to become bigger robots of course.

So it is logical, for me, that I take the latter. For me, Aikido now means "The way of joining with ki".
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