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Re: Love, Ego, and Learning

Well if love and hate or fear are polar...then wouldn't we be shooting for stasis, or the mid point of the blending of the two which is balance, nothing, harmony?

I can think of alot of attrocities that have been performed in the name of love.

Harmony would be the mid point of balance. I am reading a very good book on non-violence.

It points out that non-violence does not mean pacifism, or no violence.

When dealing with an adversary determined to harm, it would be appropriate to respond with action. It is not the action that defines the act of love or harmony, but the spirit and intent in which it was done in.

I think the concepts we are discussing are very salient to the concepts of training. The very nature of our training in budo is based on the intersection of philosophy and action.

When solidiers in combat detach themselves from the emotional aspects of violence and fighitng and shutdown in order to survive, they deal with a multitude of feelings and issues afterward that they must resolve. Lynn can comment more on this from a psychological standpoint than I.

It is important to train people how to deal with violence spiritually, mentally, as well physically.

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