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Re: I don't want to dismember my opponents.

Bill Danosky wrote:
Yes, I have a nice bokken already.

You know, a sword is an interesting thing- no matter what culture it's from, it's almost always a symbol of truth, learning and higher principals. Yet it's actual purpose is most grim. It's often from reflecting on life's dichotomies that we learn the most essential truths.

So when you say, "An iaito without a requirement", it forces me to examine what I'm really using it for. Can I take it from your (Bronson, Chuck and Thomas') statements that the real, modern purpose is not as martial as the casual observer would imagine? How interesting....
Well, I only said that getting an Iaito that can cost up to $300 without a requirement for Iaido is a waste of money, because it's a dull sword. You might as well get a Paul Chen Practical Katana Generation 5 from for $180. As it's a shinken, and a decent one as well.

I think that a sword could be used as martial as it once was, however you can't really carry a sword around, therefore the only reason to continue practice of sword arts are to better oneself, and tradition. I think Japanese sword arts are great sources of self enlightenment, and honour. And yes..I love Japanese sword arts.
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