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Ernesto Lemke
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Re: Focal points for solo training

Hello Azriel

Thank you for sharing. I can sympathize with your attempt and desire to learn more via this type of exchange. Even though I feel out of place addressing anything in specific (both because I'm a novice and don't feel this may be the best venue) I do like to offer back an observation and a question. 

Your description strikes a chord since one glance at your dojo of origin reveals we share the same source when it comes to our IT. I imagine it would be hard if not impossible for most other parties to make much sense of (some parts) of your descriptions. Maybe these sort of specifics are best asked to those in the know (not me- yet).

So leaving that aside for now, is it possible for you to maybe share how IT is incorporared into your aikido dojo. I'm asking mostly because my impression is that those of us who wander the trail of IT, encounter at one time or another, the maybe difficult task to bring it/IT back into aikido. Some have pursued IT solely, some train solely solo for lack of a dojo that teaches/incorporates IT. 

My apologies for the topic shift. It's something I'm interested in and you are one of the few posters whose dojo actually offer both: IT and aikido. Hence my interest.
Best regards,

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