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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

Hi John
I wasn't really interested in trying to convince anyone or enter into a debate with those who haven't felt these skills. Rather I was hoping for interesting feedback regarding the preponderance of evidence via personal witness by the hundred plus who have felt these things, and whether or not that "witness" has been excepted by the community of readers, considered as a curiosity, or dismissed alltogether.
I was also asking for feedback from those who have begun to research on how it has impacted their view of Aiki in the larger sense, and how it has affected their view of Aikido™. Verses their growing understanding of aiki and the way of training aiki and using aiki in their own Aiki…do.
The larger debate of whether or not this is real and is in fact aiki as perceived in the Japanese sense was not my intent. IMO that’s old news. Your mention of the Chinese terminology frequently mentioned in the discussion (though I believe to be accurate none-the-less) has never come from me. All I have ever discussed was Japanese origins and usages in the Japanese arts. I’m guessing you just haven’t read much from me-not that I talk about how to’s on the net anyway, but I think you see my point.
Perhaps you care to revisit your comments in light of the purpose of the thread?.

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