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Re: Christianity and Aikido??

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Yea for many that identify with buddhism, like myself, would point out to you that they don't consider buddhism to be a separate and distinct religion!

In fact, many will tell you that buddhism can encompass all religions and can be practiced right along beside them.

....much like aikido
Buddhism is very sneaky that way.

The Tibetan variety also has its own form of debate that may seem very familiar to aikidoka in a number of respects:

Tibetan debates involve two parties: a defender (dam bca' ba), who answers, and a questioner (rigs lam pa). The roles of defender and questioner imply very different responsibilities.
Follow the link and then scroll half-way down the page for an account of "The Thrilla in the Chilla," a 2003 dharma-combat between Robert AF Thurman and Gehlek Rinpoche.
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