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Re: Aikido is effective self-defense

Scott Burke wrote: View Post
(Note, I have a biting sense of humor, so I post in that spirit, so don't take it too personally.)

Well, you could do a google search to find out when he said it.
Yes, but it's easier to simply go to the source of the information I'm trying to verify.

Or, you can order The Heart of Aikido here and read what the old man had to say and when he said it.
And wait like a couple of months for it to arrive.

Or you could take from the fact that he is referring to his military service... in the past tense... that this is post war.
Yes but his "military service" ended before the war ended.

Or I could do all the work and tell you that this quote was post war, because hey. I've got nothing better to do than to hop to it when people ask. Would you like fries with that too?
Some mustard too

What do you have for me?
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