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Re: Defining the word "Aiki" and looking at the phenomenon it describes.

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Thanks! That sounds like "Yoshimine Yasuo" is saying that Aiki is basically definition "A" and there are two main techniques to deal with that kind of situation, a raising technique (Aiki age) and a falling technique (Aiki Sage). Overall he is saying that Aiki as we use it, is the ability to weaken your attacker through superior position, and when in stale mate, use one of the major Aiki techniques to overcome them the instant they start to attack.
No Chris
Overall it is are saying that is your understanding of what he means.
There is a more profound ancient example for up and down energy and forces in the body. Its called heaven/earth/man, outlined by generations of extraordinary martial artists in different might have heard of one of them; Ueshiba.

Aiki age/ aiki sage as positional dominance through rapid changes to arrive first or take him off his feet. Force his head down and press him into his legs then.....Sweep the leg... is just jujutsu, Chris. But hey..if that is all someone knows then that is all they know. They see everything through those glasses.

Your statements that Aiki is just moving around and timing and Athletes are internal experts too ..are going to present a hollow argument to thousands of Daito ryu practitioners and ICMA'ers as well. They know full well there is a higher order. A higher level of training.
But I suspect many are used to this sort of explanation. I tried tackling a different explanation for you. Oh well.
Good luck in your training

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