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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
You may question my thoughts but not my experience.

P.S, Who said someone who is a ring fighter doesn't know about fighting? Or martial artist for that matter. Those who think it equals street or life situations are misguided. It may help or it may be a hindrance, depends on them.

Fair enough...what is your experience as a ring and or sport fights, and or police, military, or street application. It is possible I have misunderstood your background to qualify your thoughts on application of competitive models to reality.

I have no issue with your choices in focus on Aikido, I have taken the time to see your perspective on Aikido as a spiritual practice and I am good with that and respect it. I also would not question it since your background and experience on enlightening people seems to be well established.

I do question your experience in martial application and experiences when you make statement like below when my experiences have proven otherwise. So yes, I question your experience in this area.

The joke is thinking there is any comparison. Fights in a ring are sports. Any Aikidoka could go train in those things and make their way up through the levels just like anyone else.

Martial arts are not the same thing. Those who insist on comparing them are not too bright in my eyes.

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