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Re: Int. Vs. Ext - resisting a push

A lot of what I'm seeing is- "Our stuff can't be described with your model." I think that's pretty fair. So make your own model.

I think lot's of the problem we are having is that people want to start in the middle, with complex things, and gain understanding from there. I believe you should start from simple places and work towards complexity.

For example we could start here: Only muscles make force. I know, you're screaming "there's so much more in the body", and there is, but let's start here- If only muscles make force, all movements must physically begin with muscular contraction. This means, in the same system (the complex body that everyone is eager to talk about), bigger more powerful muscles make for a more powerful system- no matter what that system is, internal, external, athletic or whatever else. If we can start there, I think we can begin to get over this problem.
Some one can demonstrate something. Well, until we can actually all look at something, together, there's no use in bringing that demonstration up. I've seen all kinds of things, but if I can't show it, and you don't understand it otherwise know about it, why bring it up? We can't all look at it together.

Now you may be saying- "but I know this stuff happens, I've seen it". That's neat, but if that's your main interest, why even worry about talking about it? You already know what it is, so just train it. But if you don't know what it is, and want to talk about it, we should do that.

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