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John Brockington
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Re: Kodo Horikawa's aiki

"Arguably olympic lifters are using some elements (but not all) of what we refer as IS/IP etc training, so anyone care to hazard a guess why we don't see crossover from that sort of training into martial arts or other sports movement?"

A few thoughts on why-

1. Weight lifting, like many other athletic endeavors (rowing, running, throwing) requires high level of proficiency in a relatively limited range of motion, which requires a relatively limited range of body stability while exerting. Martial arts can require structural stability in a much greater range of motions and body positions, and so there is limited crossover benefit from athletic training (as done conventionally). Some types of training such as dance, maybe, could be more beneficial or complementary. Some athletic competitions could benefit from IS training, but athletic trainers are not easy to convince that their methodologies are incomplete or could be significantly improved upon.

2. Lifting (up power) is a single part of IS, not its whole point. There is down power, explosive power, intent, stability, tactile perception, taking center, and so on. If you do a lot of weight training, the benefits of that come often at the expense of all these other components.

3. Weights don't hit back.

What do you think?

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