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Keith Larman
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Re: Kodo Horikawa's aiki

I've posted this link before, but I think it is worthy of posting again. I think it speaks greatly to how the body can be used somewhat differently from what most would expect. Men's Health Article on Winding and fascia I think this stuff speaks to aspects of the ideas on internal strength/power and also speaks to notions of "unification" of the body. And I think we have all had experiences where when you learn some movement it is awkward and lacks power and smoothness because you're thinking about individual muscles. At some point you learn to relax and use everything at the same time, spreading the load out at a hopefully optimum level. So many times "over muscling" is really about doing something "all wrong". You have to relax to gain the speed and power of someone like Kuroda. Which means allowing entire long chains of your anatomy to work together from the center out.


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