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Re: Three Levels of Aikido

Hi Daren,

Daren Sims wrote: View Post
For the record - The book title is "Ai Ki Do - The way forward" by Pierre Chassang. I don't believe it has been published - just distributed among students of PC ( I believe PC may be the longest practicing Aikidoka in Europe...if not, hes certainly close).

The quote comes from a discussion in Paris 1993 between PC & Arikawa (who PC held in highest esteem) on the subject of European Aikido having lost its way somewhat.

PC used the term 'Modern Aikido' to distinguish between the Aikido being practiced at the time and that taught by O'Sensei.

Arikawa strong response "Chassang, there is only one Aikido, one only; there cannot be two. Aikido is unique,,,Modern Aikido! It makes no sense"
Thanks for the info.

Much of what Lee says I agree with...and I believe so do many others but they just don't realise due to differences in terminology used and Lee's rather unharmonious forum style.
I would not say Lee opinions are absolutely wrong but, IMO, he needs to do a bit more of homework before lecturing people about "the real Aikido".

Thats all I want to say - I've no wish to become further embroiled in this thread or 'the other one' until things become a bit more civilised.
I think people has been very civilised considering Lee's talibanesque approach.



I'm wondering if Chassang Sensei book could be availabe to people who are not his students.

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