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Re: Real aikido is not just for the dojo

Coming back from office and I finding all this posts.
It is normal that most of you don't understand and a pity to realize that you are practising that long but probably will never understand.
Niall,David, William, Mathew thank you for your understanding, in the often named Aikiforum there was only one who understood, but he travels almost every year to Japan:
Demetrio, I'sorry you don't understand me, you are a teacher and have a great knowledge, maybe lack of sensibility.
Alejandro repeat what Demetrio already wrote, lack of imagination and I don't think you will ever understand
And Mary I'll try to explain in your words:Do you have to give up your job and your family and become a full-time live-in student? No Mary making Aikido a way of life you will do your job better, you will become centredness, also atending your family, not getting nervous when everybody wants something from you as fast as possible, you will do one thing after the other, will order them by priority. Perhaps if you ask me more things I can explain better
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