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Kelly Allen
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PPl that don't understand the mechanics of Aikido tend to think it's fake because the technics look too easy. It is also my experience that you can not convince that person otherwise unless two conditions exist at the same time. 1: you have enough experience and confidence to handle an attack. and 2: the person your trying to convince is stupid enough to attack you to get you to try to prove it.

My advice to you is to not worry about what other ppl think. It will be about 6 months before you are able to do nage and ukemi technics with confidence and fluidity. And it just keeps getting better from there. Your friends will see the changes in you in confidence and carrige and all roud fitness. Then they will be paying attention to what it is you are doing.

If you want to be the attention of a party show them a few cool KI tricks.

I have never had to use aikido technic to protect myself. I hope I never do. But at this point (I have been training for a year) I would feel confident if I were in a one on one situation that I would be able to immobalize an apponent.

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