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Re: Video clip Iwama Aikido

Pavel Ermilov wrote:
As I wrote earlier if it to not do, and to work randori spontaneously - it threatens with the big problems for Uke's health.

Ah, but you see the world does not need one more "master" of mechanics and/or of choreography. Each of us, as we come with our "new" eye to Aikido, especially those that have trained in other arts, etc., has a chance to return the art of Aikido to the source of its greatness -- which is spontaneous Aiki. If I were you, I would not be so satisfied with the notion that "we cannot do spontaneous Aiki, that we need choreographed movements, in order to demonstrate Aikido safely and/or well." For me, being skeptical of this notion should be particularly true if we are going to keep phrases like "jiyu waza" and/or "randori." Uke must embrace the risk in cultivating themselves through a Budo, not justify modern trends in the art via a concern for their own well-being. For me, this is especially true of yudansha, especially of yudansha that are on the vanguard of Aikido development in a given area. Moreover, it seems like such a small gap in risk (to move away from choreography) when you are already asking uke to go flying through the air so they can land on their back and/or go topsy-turvy four feet off the ground.


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