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Re: Video clip Iwama Aikido

Larry Camejo wrote:
The 4 armed attacker randori was exceptional imho. Would be even nicer if not so choreographed imho...
...Would tend not to use tai sabaki that presented my back to a knife weilding attacker though...
Hi Larry,
As I wrote earlier if it to not do, and to work randori spontaneously - it threatens with the big problems for Uke's health.

About tanto:
It agree, but I think all it is known, that from the person professionally owning knife, practically impossible to be protected (if certainly, you do not have pistol) Therefore, on demonstration base (wide) movements with a knife are used. In the given situation (at wide impacts) there is an opportunity to make tenkan, but in a real situation to never a case don't turn to attacker a back. And if it is the professional, most likely the victim will not have time to understand anything at all...

Thanks for the good comment, and sorry my english
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