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Re: Vantage points

Richard Haight wrote: View Post
I think it is quite unfortunate that people do focus on the money and use this as a way of dismissing.
First of all, no matter how much you or anyone charges, that does not change the effectiveness of what they may be teaching. But I think, judging by what I have read in this thread, you, Dan are not charging very much for what you teach - certainly not when compared to many of the Shihan in Japan charge. It does strike me as being very selective to point our money motivation when discussing what you do and not point out the obviously high rates charged by other more "respected" teachers.

I'd be interested in meeting you sometime.
Dan's been permanently banned from Aikiweb (this very thread was the catalyst), but you can find his schedule at

If it matters, he's gone into his own pocket more than once just in order to come out and play with us in Hawaii.



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