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Re: Is your Aikido as a Martial Art up to Reality?

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I had no idea it worked both ways, makes a pleasant change

Henry Ellis
Silence is Approval

When the Muslim drivers first came here many had no idea what they were letting themselves in for.... some found out the hard way and some took advice from the older hands here, just like most towns I would imagine.... The same applies everywhere, it doesn't matter whether it's at night or the day, it's a matter of keeping your wits about you and not taking anybody that comes along that looks or feels a bit iffy.
The trouble is people can be friendly at first encounter, but can soon change when they realise it's going to cost more than they think!!....
When working at night, the alcohol and drug factor can change usually ordinary people into demons. First it's the intimidation, followed by threats and the actual violence. Trying to talk them out of it doesn't always work, so using restraining methods are all you have as any assault, even a glancing touch can lead to actual common assault as a counter allegation. One has to be very careful these, days!! Even though you are the "victim" if you beat the crap out of someone defending yourself you can/will find that it will lead to arrest and possible conviction!! You can only hit if the person you are defending yourself from is a serious threat? Much like Rik experienced!! Most times I have used restraint, but it's not easy.....