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Re: Cross Discipline Training

I have never had this problem Lyle. Some people simply do things for different reasons and have different focuses.

Most of my aikido mates in my dojo back home don't cross train, frankly they are much better at understanding aikido than I probably will ever be.

Therefore, there is always much respect for them as I learn from them as they have so much to share and teach me.

Same conversely with the other arts.

My crosstraining is about me and not about them and what they cannot do or their limitations.

I'd say if you don't have respect for them, then they don't have anything to offer you, so why would you waste your time training with them.

That is sort of what I meant about being honest with yourself, and honest with them.

Your crosstraining should not invalidate what you are doing in another art. If it does, then it becomes a no brainer and easy to stop doing it as it serves no value to you at that point.

I have not found this to be the case in my studies however.

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