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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

You know, I must be pretty good at getting out of trouble.
I hope I wouldn't have been yacking on the phone and trying to ignore the woman, but when I saw the situation I would have gotten out of I am almost certain to say.

I would have given the guy a blinding Bruce Lee roundhouse kick to the head with a loud 'Heeeeyaaa-a-a-a-a-a' ....

....and then the ObiWan Kenobi would have stepped out behind the counter, sliced off the woman's arm with a light saber as Starsky and Hutch raced in to handcuff them to the radiator till Spiderman and the Hulk arrive.

No. Being from New York, I know one thing; that is: display sombre reconcilitory body language, and plan to walk away if at all possible.

'Nevermind, I apologize; Goodnight' is one that often works with palms held up to display that you are unarmed. You start walking and they might be happy enough to have your place in line. I'm outta here. Worse that might have happened is the woman would have screamed after you, "that's right you take your lame white ass home cause you aint gettin no pizza either!" Old saying of mine "Never rear your ugly head till trouble rears it's".

The poster who suggests a diversion such as going nuts, breaking furniture, starting an argument with the guy next to you is right on. The agressors are not that quick mentally and you could take them by surprise. They might even have a good laugh at the crazy white guy. But in general I would have quickly made amends. The key is when the woman is bumping him. He has an opportunity to get smacked a few times by her, then it would end, the boyfriend might have slapped him once for good measure on his way out.

Or a good approach would have been to run around behind the boyfriend and say to him... "save me save me.. she's gonna kill me, man!"

As for bystanders, luck of the draw but there are certain people who could have spoken up... "Aw, Leave him, he's had enough" but unfortunately no-one with that sort of impartial social authority was waiting for a pizza that night.
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