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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

Jean de Rochefort wrote:
...people living in their bubbles got a little glimpse of what might happen when they run their mouths.
Jean, I think your posts are the most enlightening when you stick to using words like "might" - where you talk about what is possible and not what is absolute and a mere matter of cause and effect. Unfortunately, many of your posts here make use of the latter voice and not the former.

When folks use the word "bubble" to describe another point of view, they are often trying to note how such a view is only true within a specific and/or limited environment - and thereby for the most part false. That said, I think it is totally inaccurate to denote the environment where folks comment upon infractions over commonly accepted conventions and NOT get beat down as the "bubble." In truth, this is the popular position and/or the environment most folks all over the world live in. Statistically, it's not even close if you compare how many folks live in an environments where they can speak up over cultural assumptions regarding cues (without getting beat down) to the number of folks that live in environments where doing so leads and/or possibly leads to a beating. If one of these environments is the bubble, if we want to associate the "bubble" with what is experienced by only an insignificant number and/or by a statistical anomaly, then it's got to be linked with what you are saying Jean.

New, but related, topic: I think a good book to read on this - in hopes of seeing where the real bubble lies - is "The Culture of Fear." I personally think it is a must read for any martial artist - whatever your slant - but especially if you are an American.

David M. Valadez
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