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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

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How about belonging to a group that focuses on excellence?

Which of course is easier said than done. Even fairly senior teachers have had trouble bringing their students along with them as they explore this stuff. The phrase "beginner's mind" keeps running through my head...

Well, my goal was in response to students writing in here. It seems that when they came back they couldn't get time to train this in a dojo where:
a) They could not yet demonstrate real skills so who would believe them?
b) They did not have the authority to set training agendas and goals.

So, teaching the teachers at least (hey, not a perfect plan I know) was a way to establish a training time in a dojo and get this stuff jump started. Most guys have set a separate night for training IP/aiki. And guess what? It worked.
And those teachers are going out and training with other teaachers as well. So, In one fell swoop it got exposure on a much wider and more vetted scale.
I can only hope they go learn from others and explore these skills and then get inventive and expressive as the develop it in their own way. I think the next ten years are going to be a lot of fun.
Look at what people are saying about Ikeda, Gleason and Ledyard changing? There are going to be dozens of those examples to feel and play with, and they...are going to feed off each other as well.

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