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Orange wrote:Finally when class had ended and it was time to stretch our backs, I turned to someone (I was standing directly in front of him) bowed and said "stretch your back?" and he turned around and walked away! If not for the fact that we made eye contact I would have thought he didn't see me. By this point I was ripped.
Just before I got my black belt I went to a seminar. I wore a white belt and experienced exactly the same thing. I literally turned to someone, made eye contact and the person turned away to work with a yudansha. Had I been wearing a hakama I'm certain it would have been different. This bs is sad. You are at a weeklong or weekend long seminar, like there won't be enough time to work with yudansha?

I'm a firm believe that all yudansha should have to attend a seminar where no one knows them, put on the white belt and take off the hakama. This should be mandatory every few years. The experience will be more of an eye opener than most expect.

3) some of the folks on the mat may have been working with or around VERY senior partners you might not recognise, and are just trying to keep an area clear for them, which you would want to do if you knew who they were
Why? I don't understand why someone should get more or less room than anyone else. If you are on the mat then are you not all training together?
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