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E.J. Nella wrote:
Wow! What a rotten experience! I have absolutely no idea why those folks treated you the way they did. All I wished to say is don't lump all Yudansha together as jerks.


I am curious. Are you male or female? If you are a woman this may have contributed to the disrespect you received. I am not saying it is right, only trying to understand.
I realise that all Yudansha aren't jerks. In fact, this was the first time I had seen anyone in Aikido act this way. Interestingly enough, the people who were rude were people who I only saw on that one day, the people who were there for the whole week were really nice.

As to the Male/Female question, I am male. But this kinda brings up another interesting point. Many Dojo have females wear hakama sooner so I would think they would be treated better since it isn't immediately obvious that a woman wearing a hakama isn't yudansha. After posting this thread I read the summer issue of Aikido East and saw a good article on the Sempai/Kohai relationship and how it is often warped.
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