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Re: Mike sigman's internal strength parameters- Have you guys read this; really!

Lorel Latorilla wrote: View Post
I would love to meet Joseph Brown, if he is doing any seminars or anything like that in Japan, I would pay if he can help me reach my goals in bodyskill. I mean..if he is really that good. But if Sam Chin or Dan or Ark (all guys who some people say are not doing pure internal) can show me a method to help me reach my above-stated goals in the most efficient manner and can demonstrate those skills in a very high level (and people will say that they do possess those skills in spades), then I will study their methods even if what they do is not classified as "pure neijia" or "pure internal" as some people say.

I guess we are talking at cross-purposes here. In short, if you want to learn a neijia with someone who demonstrates the high potential of the art..go study with CXW or whatever. But if you want to study pure efficient movement like I do, then studying with Sam Chin or Dan or Ark will be good enough for me.
Lorel, I doubt I have anything to teach you, I'm not that good. I'm an amateur. But I make the same distinction you do...there is a difference between neijia masters like CXW, Chen Bing, Li Tai Liang, Chen You Ze, Chen Qinghzhou, and Chen Bing, for example, and other martial artists who may be very efficient and powerful but are NOT neijia masters or practitioners.

Ark is a very powerful martial artist (I've felt him), Chin may be (have only seen Youtube clips). Dan Harden? Haven't seen him, haven't felt him, have only read him over the years and not been able to make ANY sense of the many different things he has said and claimed. So I have no opinion. But let's say he's powerful. So that makes him internal? Really?

Ashe, I do apologize for mis-spelling the name of your art, I was typing off the top of my head, but let's get it straight, your disdain has less to do with the spelling error and more to do with your taking offense at my assertion that Chin, and his art, are not internal. I don't understand. Wing Chun is a great martial art, so is shotokan, so is kali escrima. They aren't internal martial arts. Do you think wing chun, shotokan, or kali escrima masters would be offended by their arts being described as external? Being external is an insult now? Really?

The neijia family of arts are united by some very specific things, a unique style of movement, Dantien-centered movement. Sigman is doing a service by laying out a detailed argument describing what those arts are about and what jin and qi mean FOR THOSE ARTS. Since I am interested in learning those arts, I focus on them and not on distractions.
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