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Re: Mike sigman's internal strength parameters- Have you guys read this; really!

Chris Western wrote: View Post
10-04...!!! It's hard for people not to see their teachers as gods...I've yet to meet the perfect martial arist. I have meet and trained with awsome budo men, but none are perfect. Even Ueshiba tripped on his hakama...!!! :0) These men still serve as my motivation.

All The Best,

Honestly, my goal is to find the most efficient way to move in a CQC situation or even in a military capacity where I am required to run, climb, march, crawl and carry heavy bags with a mind and body that's properly relaxed as possible. Also being that I am small, if I ever do get into a confrontation, it would be dangerous for me to get into a contest of strength with someone (as it is more likely they will overpower) me. For this reason, I am studying stuff like "aiki" (also love how some of "we do 1nt3rn4l" folks talk about what they are doing is aiki in the face of people who have studied with Roppokai, Kodokai, or even Sagawa peeps and are vetted by many people and then have the gall to say what these people are doing is not "int3rn4l") and kuzushi techniques (rather, I am studying ways to prepare a body that gives birth to aiki techniques) to give me a strategic advantage over my opponent. I know that the usual (read: "external") way of doing things (weight lifting, vector changing jujutsu stuff, etc.) will not get me to that point.

Personally, if someone claims to teach things that will help me to my goals and are vetted by all sorts of people, then I will shut my mouth until I've touched hands with them and only then make a judgment, even if some people are claiming this person is not doing "the 1nt3rn4l". Reason being is thatI put all the goals I stated under the larger goal of "bodyskill" or "movement" and not necessarily "IP/IS". If a person's training methodology will help me reach those larger goals and will help me navigate around the truth of movement/bodyskill then it's all good even if people are sticklers and are discrediting the stuff as "oooh, not internal" or "oooooh, not pure internal". Who gives a **** really? At the worst, some people are probably using different language to describe what they are doing and are possibly doing similar things as pure "1nt3rn4l" peeps and maybe even better than those purported pure internal peeps! For me, work with I have (my only reference for this stuff is Aunkai, Rob, Daito-ryu Roppokai, and Systema..althogh people will argue that Systema is useless for this), train my ass off and if someone doesn't speak the same language I do, I keep it humble and don't get into a silly ass terminology war online, and wait for the opportunity to train with that person. And if they don't think what I am doing is "internal", that's cool too. I am aiming for "bodskill", not "IP".

I don't know..I guess I like it to keep it simple?

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