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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

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Why is religion elevated above the art? Why may a "religious person" who discriminates based on gender (and it is discrimination) offend another person, who may also be religious, of the opposite gender?
Because a "religious person" doesn't discriminate based on gender. Just to follow the example along the thread, Judaism and Islam don't discriminate against women. Read the Torah and the Al Quram? Read the Bible? What's the difference in them? It is the people who discriminate, not the religion. The people's misinterpretation of the doctrines is who discriminate. The "ad pedem litterae" thingy.

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What of the religious rights of the female half of the population?
What of them? Please, elaborate.

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And why create a special category for religion whereby the concept of discrimination does not apply? Especially against the historical evidence of discrimination by religions of all sorts?
Because religion is a special category. You know, you cannot fight agains faith.

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And, yes, some people do view Aikido as a religion. (Not me, however.)
Those are the dangers of mixing budo and religion. Is like mixing maths and religion or computer science and judo. There's no link between them. Oh, wait, I swear I read a book about the mathematical prove of God's existence... Uffff...
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