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Re: President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

Don J. Modesto wrote: View Post
Paul sounds good, but all the white supremacist stuff makes me queasy. Google it, and you'll come up with tons, this, e.g.:
Excellent point, Don.

It really applies to most of Obama's detractor's very well.

Though Obama, himself, says that racism is not the prime motivation of his attackers, there can be no question that it is a strong vein that runs through the whole hysterical movement.

The general scent reminds me always of the attitudes I saw in a lot of people around Birmingham from the Whites Only days, through the lunch-counter sit-ins, the riots in front of the city hall, fire-hosing the little children and so on through the current day when a major factor keeping our mass transit down is that so many white people refuse to ride a bus with black people. That's just pure fact and it's easy to find well documented on local internet message boards. In the old days, maybe ten percent of people in these parts would admit to literally "hating" black people and you could tell there was no joking behind it. There were plenty of people ready and willing to kill black people just for being black. Around the time of the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church, a white Eagle scout shot a young black boy off a bicycle and killed him. As I recall, the victim was riding on the handlebars and his brother was pedalling when these boys in a car drove by and the Eagle scout just shot at them and killed the younger one. That was an Eagle scout--a stand-out in the community. So what were the "lower mentalities" like?

Nowadays, maybe only 1% of people will admit to "hating" blacks. The rest will tell you straight out, "I don't hate (blacks). I'm just not gonna ride the bus with them." But put them on an anonymous message board and man, the hate flows.

And that's the predominant attitude I detect in those who rant against Obama. They tell you they don't hate him because he's black but you keep pulling up the roots and you'll find Bull Connor's mind at the end. The claim that people voted for Obama "only because he's black" is a great example of that. Attacking the democrats comes mostly from people who view the democratic party as being mostly black people. When Rush Limbaugh first became popular, his big line was "personal responsibility" which just alluded to the idea that "white people depend on themselves, while black people depend on the government." And that's the line he's played up all these years and is still playing up. He just rearranges the furniture from time to time, but his house might as well have an Aryan Nations flag above it.

This kind of hidden agenda needs to be exposed each time people try to run that old racist parade wherever they run it.



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