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Re: New Internal Style of The Wooden Staff

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How many people have you actually killed using this staff form Tenyu?

Please excuse me from breaking in on a conversation that is way above my head, but just out of curiosity. Because I am trying to figure out just how one goes about determining how lethal an art is. How exactly does one determine whether or not a form is lethal and to what degree?
Morihei said of all the people who came to contest him in his dojo, only a few of them were real masters. He knew as soon as they walked in before anything happened and admitted such immediately, of course they were able to recognize the same with Morihei. It is the ones, the overwhelming majority of challengers, who with little experience with the preformal could not see the potential realm. Uke, by their own culturally inherited psychology of separation(please refer to Ascent of Humanity in Open Topics), by default had access only to the ‘postformal' downstream manifest world and could only find out by attacking.

When Kaicho started up in NYC, he had many challengers all of them bigger than him. They were very powerful and successful professional fight competitors, yet still uke to no fault of their own. These people meant business, interrupting his classes to challenge him. Kaicho never wanted to hurt anyone but they gave him no choice. There was never any fighting of course, Kaicho ended every situation immediately with irimi. The worst that happened for uke was a broken rib or two, not bad for a true no rules situation. Some of the challengers did go on to become dedicated students of his though.

The very desire to fight with someone requires one to become uke. It's a classic example of field reversal. A real nage has no such desire.
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