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Re: Japanese Aikido Prayer at beginning of class

Hello dAlen,

This is what I do in my dojo here in Hiroshima. All the students are Japanese except one.

The students line up kneeling in seiza and I kneel facing them with my back to the Shomen (where O Sensei's picture is).

When everyone is ready, I turn to face the Shoumen and say, "Shoumen ni rei." (Bow to the Shoumen) and bow. (I do not clap beforehand.) Then I turn to the students and say "O-tagai-ni, rei." (Bow to each other: teacher to students and students to teacher). We we bow this time, we say "Onegai-shimasu" (I sometimes use the more honorific Onegai itashimasu.) That's it.

We do exactly the same at the end of training. Of course, it is not really a prayer.

I should add that when I hold a grading test, I do not have my back to the Shoumen, so the sequence of bowing is a little different. If you want me to explain it, I can do so. Otherwise send me a PM.

Best wishes,

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