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Re: Japanese Aikido Prayer at beginning of class

John Murray wrote: View Post
Perhaps this is a splendid opportunity for you to work on your Hungarian and your Japanese? Good luck, let us know what you find out.
Ill eventually find out...perhaps if I can get pen and paper and ask someone before class, that would be best - however, that is going to be a hoot to get them to even understand what it is Im trying to ask.

Its a lot easier for me to ask whenever the event Im wanting to talk about is happening... at least in this stage of the game with my language skills...
Obviously when we are in sieza it is not one of those moments.

Some people get me right away,(my Hungarian) others do not.
Those with an open mind understand a lot faster what Im trying to say...those who are not open minded, do not.

Again, what I mean is this...Hungarian has 14 have to say precisely right (quite difficult) and those who have creativity can understand me (despite how 'butchered' the language is... and those who go into the conversation believing they will have difficulty...well they do.

This is how I have experienced it...hard to describe until you experience it yourself.



Also, if this is to be a part of the test, I was kind of hoping I would be given a paper that had the words on it.
But then again, I was never given the testing requirements either - I saw a senior student with them and got a copy from him.

So I do get around...and this board is one means in how I have gotten around in Aikido.

note: I suppose part of this post was an extended entry to the above I made to Janet to help answer her question.

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