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Re: Taiji Motion study

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Hi Eric
At it again huh?
In good company in reiterating some things, it seems.

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Erick Mead wrote:
In short, when considering martial motion and its study, it doesn't hurt to learn THIS stuff either.
For what reason? Why would anyone care what you think?
Care? It's not about what I think or about what I am doing -- it's about whether you care about thinking critically and with an open mind about what YOU are doing. Only you can answer that question (and you may have just done so). Read Sagawa again. You quote him. How old was he when he wrote Clear Power? And still obsessing incessantly about training and thinking about the functional concepts underlying what he was training?

Yukioshi Sagawa, "Clear Power" wrote:
Never think that what you are doing is good. Also never become arrogant. The second you start thinking this way is the moment you stop to progress.
As long as you think you are good, you will stop to change. You must continually realize your own weak points and then try to rectify them as hard as you can.
I never stop to dally on any point. I continue to innovate. I continue to change. Technique is my life.
My skill since I was released from the Tokyo University Hospital at the age of 87, has increased so much as to be incomparable to what I have reached now at the age of 92.
I'll let you or anyone else be your own judges of what it takes to conform to THAT standard. I've got, oh, 40+ years left to go if Sagawa sets the mark. For me, I've resolved I'm just going to keep trying to do the work, physical, mental and spiritual. There ain't no prizes in this.
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To sum up your response...
... you would have had to relate something that I actually said.
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When we meet, you will fail. You will be unable to do anything to or with me.
I am glad you have such great confidence in light of Sagawa Sensei's admonition. Me personally, I doubt the outcome until first contact -- and then it doesn't matter, and I don't think anything more about it. I do know that I have no interest at all in doing anything TO you -- and if I did -- it would not be Aikido. Ueshiba's thought on that particular point is fairly clear. What I do with you, on the other hand, is entirely up to you ...


Erick Mead
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