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Re: Taiji Motion study

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I don't make arguments propositions or observations depending on any "moral authority" but on empirical fact and physical concept. So, quite intentionally, I do not proffer anything that will satisfy that "hands-on" preference, since it does not exist here and my points do not depend on that. Making negating reductive judgments based on a "hands-on" premise of proof while lacking any such basis for the demanded proof whatsoever, as is done by some (not you, Ron), is simply unproductive and self-contradicting.....
Hi Eric
At it again huh?

To sum up your response
You just stated-again- no one should go to you to learn it hands on because you can't do it. Then tried to convince us that doing it isn't anecessary componant to understanding it.
You're a living model of a "dead end."
1.You cannot do what we do. I have asked you many times .
2. Then you go on to state what we do in physical models.

Reading comments about self-contradicting coming from you-in light of this is hilarious.

And what possible sense does this make?
In short, when considering martial motion and its study, it doesn't hurt to learn THIS stuff either.
For what reason? Why would anyone care what you think?
You can't do it, you can't teach it, yet you pontificate daily on what and how to do it.
That pretty much sums you up doesn't it?
All due respect. I think you're a waste of time. You lack credibility on both fronts. In the end what matters- what only matters- is if someone can actually do it, then if they can actually teach it.

I think the bleachers are the place for you Bud, with all the other non-participants. I mean...again nothing personal, I'm sure we would get along just fine in person, but wouldn't someone have to be sort of a damn fool to care what you think about something you can't do.

When we meet, you will fail. You will be unable to do anything to or with me. All of your applied models which you thinkg are immutable and irrefutable mechancis that simply work wil fail you as well. You will stand there, a failure, in what you know. A living model of a 'dead end."
If you're smart, on that day, you'll start asking questions and learning.

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