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Re: Ignoring "Negative" Ki

How did they try to get in the office? Picking the lock? Trying to break the door?
He opended the door using the numeric keypad. The numbers are only known to employees. The Building personnel are off limits, and they know that. We have no idea how he got a number working, but even still, They arent allowed to step in.

I have a hunch you didn't look away out of fear, but rather out of embarrassment and regret at the position you have put him into. A position I believe you did not intend to put him in.
hey, good point... i never thought of it that way.

The potential for this man to lose his job over the incident is far more dangerous to you than whatever may have transpired in the office had you not been there.
Yup, I've considered that. I'll manage.
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