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Re: Ignoring "Negative" Ki

Jaemin Yu wrote: View Post
Before I was going to the Philippines, I heard that I must not blame or scold one in a public place but talk to him/her in a private place. Probably you know it better than me.
Yeah, I know what you mean. I kinda feel sorry for the guy, I thought we would be called up the the admin's office for me to point him out. Our management was surprised when they (building admin) suddenly lined them up in our office for all to see.

I mean, they didn't have to make a show out the incident. hehehe.

Anyway, a lot of Filipino's are raw when it comes to expressing emotions. Once in a while you'll see a parent publicly scolding a kid, or lovers having a fight out in the open. I've had my share *gulp* But it doesn't happen quite often.

I always find it amazing when a person, who knowingly does something wrong, gets caught (and punished) and then blames their "misfortune" on the people who called him/her on their lack of integrity.
Yep, first time I've experienced anyone denying what I said. It was a truly educational experience.
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