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Ignoring "Negative" Ki

Hi everyone,

This weekend, I caught one of the building's maintenance personnel trying to get in our office. No one expected I was taking a nap so it was quiet.

He was surprised to see me there, made a lame excuse and ran off before I could even react.

Well, I reported the incident to my superiors and to the building security. This morning I pointed out the culprit after the management lined them up. Of course he denied it, and tried to discredit me.

I wasn't at all bothered since admin was on my side. It just reminded me of a lesson that my sensei once taught me a long time ago.

He said that, trouble usually starts when mean people stare at you in a provocative way. I got a lot of that from the janitor this morning. He was staring with full blown anger. Sensei called this negative ki, bad energy that you should not allow to enter your soul. When they do this, you don't have to stare back, lest it becomes an unnerving game to topple down the opponent's composure.

So I maintained the "munen mushin" ideology in the situation so that I would not get at all intimidated.

What I'd like to know is that, did I do the right thing? I wasn't looking at the guy, but I have this nagging feeling that I should have countered. Just a bit confused, since Im sure I wasn't at all scared, but I wouldn't want the universe to think im a coward or anything....

Many thanks!


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