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Re: how many back talk would you take?

okay, so now another problem arose concerning this particular student. if I was supposed to start a new thread to ask this then please let me know.. Sensei actually told me that he also doesn't know what he should do about this...

so we are going to have a Kyu exam this December and X is going to participate and test for 3rd kyu (brown belt) while not being able to perform yokomenuchi shihonage correctly. I don't know how he passed the previous tests.. maybe Sensei was too lenient. Sensei never fails anyone taking the Kyu exam as long as they have been training for at least 4 months before the exam. and more importantly, X comes training with his 2 children. both are not so bad, because they listen to instructions given to them. if Sensei decides to fail X while passing his children, that would make X looks so bad and I don't think Sensei would want that.

but we're going to organize our first Shihan visit in our Dojo next February. Sensei doesn't want to lose face by having an unqualified brown belt in the presence of a Shihan. being the most active 1st kyu in Dojo, Sensei wanted X to take extra class from me. how can I teach him if he's not willing to even consider my suggestions??

btw, X is actually a nice guy outside the Dojo. and he's even willing to take part in sponsoring the Shihan visit next February. so it's another reason why Sensei would want to avoid failing his kyu exam..

maybe Sensei will come up with a solution, but it never hurts to have more inputs from experienced people in case Sensei asks for an opinion.. Sensei doesn't use the Internet much, and his english is not very good. so I'm asking for your advice in Sensei's stead..
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